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As a full service business law firm, Himmelstein & Adkins, LLC‘s transaction and litigation capabilities reflect the diverse and dynamic nature of today’s market.

For client convenience, our practice is organized in the following general areas:

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  • Estate Planning & Asset Protection

    Our clients trust Himmelstein & Adkins, LLC to provide assistance with a broad spectrum of succession planning and asset protection matters, including wills and trusts, and estate planning.

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  • Real Estate & Business Transactions

    Our broad-based transactional practice encompasses real estate acquisition and development, mergers and acquisitions, commercial leasing, secured financing and commercial lending, ownership expansion and transition, franchise, and licensing. We specialize in negotiating, structuring, and documenting complex business transactions and regularly conduct comprehensive due diligence and transaction feasibility analysis for our clients.

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  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution

    From initial case evaluation through arbitration or trial, our litigation team handles disputes arising in every commercial context. Including corporate governance, membership disputes, partnership disputes, LLC fiduciary duties, contract disputes, commercial/landlord disputes, construction disputes, loan deficiencies, shareholder disputes, and broker representation.

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  • Business & Corporate Governance

    The firm’s transaction attorneys keep abreast of the latest developments and trends and handle most complex business planning, corporate governance, and compliance issues. We negotiate and prepare the broad range of contracts required to form and operate a successful business in today’s complex business environment, including operating and shareholder agreements, employment, non-competition, and independent contractor agreements, and key-employee incentive programs.

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  • Dispute Resolution & Private Mediation

    Himmelstein & Adkins maintain skilled mediators with extensive experience negotiating complex disputes to resolution. The mediators at Himmelstein & Adkins bring a no-nonsense, cost effective, approach to commercial dispute resolution, establishing trust through a detailed understanding of both the case specifics and the emotional factors involved in every settlement dynamic.

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Himmelstein & Adkins, LLC’s attorneys are licensed in Arizona, Texas, California, and Hawaii and provide legal services throughout the Southwestern United States.

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