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Business Law

Shareholder Disputes

Facilitate an amicable and fair resolution

Himmelstein & Adkins, LLC‘s commercial practice attorneys handle ownership disputes relating to corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships. The firm also handles tenant-in-common disputes. Our principal goal is always to facilitate an amicable and fair resolution; however, when business partners are unable to agree, our attorneys are prepared to provide strategic and aggressive representation, particularly in contested cases involving allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, theft or concealment of business assets, misappropriation of trade secrets, self-dealing and related business torts.
In some instances, claims of this type require emergency injunctive relief at the beginning of the case, with the outcome of the injunction proceeding often being determinative of the case’s ultimate outcome. In order to effectively resolve mission critical business ownership disputes, Himmelstein & Adkins, LLC brings the required business experience and financial savvy to the table, and applies the full range of necessary skills, including forensic financial investigation and complex tax, business and estate planning analyses.

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